New Habits.

August 18, 2014

Disney Concert Hall


Do you find yourself ordering the same dish every time you return back to the same restaurant with the same group of friends in the same part of town?  Do you frequent your favorite vacation spots year after year, stick to similar workout regimens, and diversify your grocery list only when you need to grab ingredients for your go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe?  If the answer is yes to some or all of the above, then it’s pretty safe to say, that like me, and most of the planet, you are a creature of habit. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding peace in a ritualistic behavior that provides repetitive comfort.  It’s a great feeling to know what you are getting yourself into, especially if it is something you’ve enjoyed in the past.   However, it can also be great to change up your routine from time to time because quite frankly, if you continue to see the world through one very limited lens, there’s a good chance you might miss out on all the things that are to become your new favorite habits.

Since I often stick to local eateries and similar weekend activities on my side of town, I have decided to make it a goal to explore different parts of the city.  This weekend I met up with some friends downtown (a part of LA I usually reserve only for making trips to serve jury duty).  We tried out a delicious new Italian spot called Drago Centro, but before that, we made a stop at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. 

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Home to the LA Philharmonic, this architectural masterpiece sits in the heart of the city and though I have driven past it before, I had never ventured inside.  Tall and sail-like, the structure is designed to help to block out the noise of the surrounding city, creating a peaceful oasis that overlooks nearby skyscrapers and traffic lights.  Spending most of our visit relaxing in the pristine community garden, which is open to the public, it was a simple outing made to be more exciting through my new visiting eyes.


For my night out downtown, I wore a vintage inspired tea dress from Forever21.  The pleated skirt is girly, flattering and makes popping around the city even more enjoyable.  Sometimes I think that my wardrobe is made up of 90% dresses because they are just so hard to resist!  With the right dress, you can get away with minimal accessories and jewelry, while still managing to look complete.  I paired my everyday silver studs with a handmade red sailor knot necklace from 9th & Elm, which was just enough.  I love 9th & Elm because everything is handmade by independent designers, making them one of a kind. Oh and what’s even better? Everything is always on sale!   

So go ahead eat more greens, take a different route to work, or simply explore a new part of your city, but make a habit of changing up your routine because you never know what you’ll discover. 


Dress: Forever21

Necklace: c/o 9th & Elm

Wedges: NineWest

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Photos taken by: Art Voskonian