French Friday

July 18, 2014.

Cap Ferrat, The French Riviera. 

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The French Riviera is truly stunning.

When I arrived in Nice, I was already overwhelmed by the beauty of the coast, the homes we whirled past, the castle-like structures nestled into the surrounding cliffs, and the turquoise ocean water crashing along the shore- and that was only on the thirty minute drive over to Cap Ferrat! 

Only a couple minutes away was Monaco, and so we grabbed dessert over there one night and I felt like I was on another planet.  The buildings looked to be made of gold and I was certain I didn’t see any cars that weren’t “one of a kind” as they say.  Now, let’s be honest, I know nothing about cars, but these looked like the type that were special ordered for Brad Pitt or something.  Drinks were 24 Euro’s a pop and everyone was drinking them like they had free refills, which led me to believe that they had to be infused with some sort of hallucinogen but to my surprise,  they weren’t!

But back to Cap Ferrat- this place was my idea of heaven.  We danced on the docks late at night, ate at restaurants with views that made me question if I was on some sort of airplane, and took long walks along the beach.  We ate the best fish, drank the best Sancerre, and all the while, I attempted my best, “merci beaucoups” , which did not seem to impress any of the locals.  I, of course, took lots of photos but I promise that they will certainly never do this place justice. 

My outfit on this Friday, is from one of my carefree days in Cap Ferrat.  I had just gotten back from a long day at the beach and decided to take a stroll around the harbor before heading off to dinner for the night.  The streets nearby were narrow and lined with delicious cafes and shops and I love nothing more than being within walking distance to a marina- which housed rows of beautiful mega-yaughts.  Since the weather was always warm day and night, (I never had to wear  a jacket at night!) I found this light striped cropped top to be a perfect fit for an afternoon stroll on the French Riviera.  I added a pop of red to my lips and paired it with this knotted headband creating a bit of a French beach look!

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Striped Cropped Top: Forever21

Headband: Forever21

Statement Necklace: H&M (old)

Boyfriend Jean shorts: Urban Outfitters (Similar)

Sandals: Melrose Trading Post (Similar)

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Photos by: Eric Bromberg