Polkadot Crazed.

June 20, 2014.

23rd St. Santa Monica, CA.

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My mum has been in town visiting and it has been such a treat.  There really isn’t anything better than a houseguest who also makes the bed, cooks my favorite breakfast in the morning, and consistently reminds me that the city of Los Angeles (the same one that I’ve slowly learned to take for granted) is quite beautiful.  Taking in the sights that have become my everyday, she remarks at the beautiful tree-lined streets in my neighborhood, the lack of bugs in the evening (we tend to get a lot back in New Hampshire), and the tall buildings that tower over us as we eat dinner outside on a nearby restaurant patio.  Having my lovely Mum out here has been like hiring my own personal Tony Robbins mentor for the week and it’s really rejuvenated my soul!

Last night we got dressed up and went to dinner down on Montana in Santa Monica with some friends.  We made sure to do some window shopping, sneak a quick view of the Pacific, and relax with a couple glasses of wine- a perfect night out for a couple ladies like us!   

Although this outfit has quickly become one my favorite date night go-to’s (remember it from our anniversary post?) it was also quite fitting for my mom-daughter ladies night too.  It's fun to dress up with my Mum!  I put on some bold lipstick, she wore a statement necklace, and we were ready to hit the town.  And what was even better, since we ended up doing quite a bit of walking, I brought along my Oxfords and jean jacket and the outfit became a bit more casual/ appropriate for walking along the beach.  Thus this is really the perfect day to night dress! I love the sweetheart top of this dress and this adorable piece has only deepend my obsession with polkadots.  I can’t seem to get enough these days! 

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Photos taken by: Courtney Locks