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June 10, 2014

LA --> Boston & Back.

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Whenever I travel, I usually have great big lofty goals of keeping up with the blog- it seems so easy in theory- but then attending events, catching up with family, loved ones, friends, and ya know all the other real purposes of my vacation get in the way and so I’m often left wondering, as I am right now on this Virgin America flight headed back to LAX, where has all my time gone?  I'm wondering that and if I'm being totally honest, I'm also wondering why the lady next to me thinks it's a good idea to blast the movie, Gravity, so loud that I'm also being forced to follow along with Sandra's every panic-filled moment.  I don't know about you guys, but I like things that put me at ease when I'm flying thousands of miles above land in a plane, not things that remind me of just how real it can get when the machinery taking me up above the puffy beautiful clouds- malfunctions.  Ok but anyways back to my point. Vacation time just has a way of moving at a glorious yet all too rapid pace, and this past getaway back to my home of New England, was no different.  

While the trip was packed with catching up with close friends and family and some highlights included an overnight trip to the beach on my parents boat, a late night BBQ and an afternoon stroll through my favorite little town, Newburyport, the main event of the weekend was Eric’s graduation.  At a beautiful ceremony at the Wang Theatre in Boston, MIT honored its MBA graduates.  Equally impressed and so very proud, I was reminded yet again just how quickly time slips by.  It feels like it was just a couple months ago that he was beginning classes over at MIT, walking me around campus, and introducing me to all of his new friends.  And now, while it will certainly be wonderful for us to be in the same city, it was a bit bittersweet (even for me) to say goodbye to the fun little town of Cambridge, the local bars and delicious restaurants we’ve frequented and made our favorites and above all, Eric’s roommates who’ve become like family.  While life will certainly take you in all kinds of directions, with different cities and great pubs to get you by along the way, great friends are the finds you get to hang on to forever!

These photos were actually taken last week on the day that we took off for our trip back east but they represent a great travel day outfit and so I figured it was fitting for today.  With longer flights, time changes, and also changes in weather to account for, you have to make sure that you can wear something that is casual, light, and comfortable.  I also really love this look because it covers my face and hair- ha! When you are rushing to pack and get to the airport on time, it’s nice to find a look that requires little to NO effort, while still maintaining a bit of your fashionable cute self.  I don’t know, you might be one of those people who travels in heels and a full set of makeup- but I have never been that skilled so I go with the covered look and it works pretty well.  Keep this in mind for your upcoming summer travel & let me know what you think!

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Sweater: Urban Outfitters (SIMILAR) On Sale!

Shorts: Urban Outfitters 

Sandals: Melrose Trading Post

Necklace: Urban Peach On Sale!

Sunglasses: Forever21

Studs: Kate Spade

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Photos by: Courtney Locks