April 23, 2014

Santa Monica, CA.


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to shoot with the brilliant Leo Jaramillo, with hair and makeup by the equally talented Kristen Koskella.  Bright and early on a Saturday morning- I’m talking 7:30AM early- we all got together down at Leo’s place in Santa Monica to do a quick little shoot.  Busy with additional shoots later in the day, my old friends who I met working on a film a couple years ago, were kind enough to take time out of their busy weekends to shoot with me and catch up over some coffee and doughnuts (and even some cronuts too!)  Nothing wakes you up at 7 in the morning like a giant CRONUT! 

Leo is able to make even the simplest things look amazing, while capturing the essence of a moment or place.  From his charming green painted balcony a couple stories up, he is able to quickly take you to the neighborhood streets of Santa Monica: complete with tall palm tress, the quiet calm of the morning, and the serenity that life near the ocean immediately brings.  His apartment is only a couple of blocks away from my boyfriend’s childhood home, and over the past couple of years, spending lots of time there, I have come to find these streets to be incredibly peaceful; an escape from the city and a bit of a home away from home. 

I chose to show off my new favorite shades- these adorable and affordable retro round sunglasses from Forever21.  I adore them.  They complete todays retro inspired look!  And what’s not to love about this floral wide-legged jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters?  It’s honestly one of the most comfortable things I own and it’s effortlessly cool. 


Sunglasses: Forever21

Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters

Sandals: Marshalls/Steve Madden


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Photos by: Leo Jaramillo 

HMU  by: Kristen Koskella