March 25, 2014

Santa Monica, CA 

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Today, I’m writing this post from a sidewalk outside Groundworks coffee shop in Santa Monica, and while it’s great to be writing outdoors (one of my new years resolutions) and I certainly welcome the change of scenery, I am going to apologize in advance if today’s read is a bit scattered.

I am one of those people that simply have the inability to focus when there are lots of distracting things going on in the background.  There are just too many fascinating people to watch in this city!  I’ve been here for 20 minutes and so far I’ve learned all about what the two, loud, older gentlemen next to me dreamt about last night.  Speaking as if they were in the privacy of a therapists office, they analyzed each other’s multiple “dreamt- up” wives (one of them a sixteen year old wife), their feelings, their dreamt up conversations, and the epic battles they fought.  Honestly, it seemed pretty obvious to me that they’ve both been watching too many re-runs of Game of Thrones, but they took the dreams very seriously, decoding every element, discussing the dreamt up characters as if they were real, and translating them back to each other.  All I can say is if these guys weren’t writers, they should be because they had wild imaginations!

Oh and I’ve also seen about twenty dogs that I’d love to steal- I swear Santa Monica must have more dogs than humans- and I’ve watched as everyone else around me appears to be getting heaps of work done.  The guy next to me has practically finished his book, The Metamorphis of Persephonie, and everyone else in my periphery seems to be feverishly typing away on their laptops… so is it just me?   Do you guys ever find yourselves struggling to focus in similar sitiuations?  If you are able to meditate, focus solely on a conversation while an interesting TV show plays  in the background, or even keep your focus on your work at your local coffee shop, I give you props!

The temps have dropped a bit over the past couple of days but it’s still in the breezy sixties and seventies, which is just fine with me!  I decided to pair this lace floral t-shirt with this adorable striped new pencil skirt from Rouche.  Stripes and florals are perfect for spring and while this fitted skirt is incredibly comfortable, it also maintains your shape- a great staple for this season! 


Skirt: Rouche

Shirt: Forever21

Booties: H&M

Purse: Marshalls

Necklace: Rouche (SIMILAR)

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Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand.  The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.  – Alexander Graham Bell

Photos taken by: Courtney Locks