The Calm Between the Storms.

March 1, 2014

Los Angeles, CA.

Believe it or not its been chilly and rainy for the past couple of days here and the whole city is in shock.  The notion that people must still drive, work, and essentially function without our faithful friend, the sun, is just very challenging for most Los Angelenos (myself included).  If you don’t believe me, just try driving on a day like today- you’d swear that everyone is still asleep at the wheel.  That being said, I must admit that the city of LA is really not built for any type of rain/weather. After about twenty minutes of heavy rain, crowded intersections, major freeways, and parking lots, will quickly transform themselves into streams, rivers, and miniature ponds.  With very little drainage, the sidewalks will gush with tiny waterfalls, and if you’re trying to get anywhere on foot without real deal rain boots and an umbrella, you might as well just wear a bathing-suit and go for a swim because you are going to get drenched.

PM No smile.jpg

In a place where you never really have anything but gorgeous weather, the saying “when it rains, it pours” truly applies.  When we do get weather, it comes at us hard.  Flood and mudslide warnings are in full effect and I went to sleep to the sounds of crashing thunder.  However, while it may be a drag to get rain in most places, I think everyone here loves and appreciates the rainy days.  Not only has it been desperately dry here, but it’s an excuse to take a break and relax for a change.  When it’s always so nice out- you tend to feel obligated to get out there and do something, but it’s nice to feel like you can just stay in, watch movies and do absolutely nothing every once and a while- at least that’s how I feel anyways! 

Thus, while I’m currently cozied up in my apartment drinking hot chocolate, listening to the pouring rain outside, this morning there was a break in the weather, and since Eric is in town this weekend,  and our Saturday morning ritual is to get brunch at Twist, we decided to take our chances and walk over, savoring the last few moments of dry air. 

I chose to wear my new strawberry coat from Zara, that I got for my trip back east, but was actually too cold to wear.  I love funnel collar.  It makes the look so versatile and allows the coat to be as sophisticated and warm (all buttoned up) or open and casual as you want, while giving it a great shape.  I also love the color.  Pastels are my new obsession for this spring, and so even though it’s still quite chilly, gloomy, and stormy, I love that this jacket still allows you to feel warm and bright.  I paired it with a cropped sweater tank and blue printed trousers, also from Zara.  These pants are incredibly comfortable and again, perfect for transitioning from winter to spring.  They are certainly going to be a staple in my wardrobe over the coming months. 

Happy weekending everyone & stay dry!

look off right.jpg

Coat: ZARA

Pants: ZARA

Booties: H&M

Cropped Sweater: ZARA

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no jacket.jpg
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look offer.jpg
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Photos By: Jennifer Biswas