Holiday Dreamin'

November 19, 2014

LACMA. Los Angeles, CA


I love tradition.

Growing up in a family with plenty of traditions, my days were usually full of silly little routines.  From the basic- Family Dinner Fridays  (which have now turned into date nights for my parents) to the not so basic- speaking in whacky made-up languages around the house (to see if we could still understand each other) they made us unique and made our days more memorable.

That being said, I don’t’ think there’s really anything like the traditions I share with my family during the holiday season.  I have a lot of cousins and ever since I could remember, we put on a Thanksgiving “show” for the adults in my family.  Since I was the youngest, I always played the turkey.  I wore a paper bag with some feathers smeared on it and I loved it.  While I had no lines aside from “gobble” and got killed almost immediately upon entering the living room floor, I always felt like I had the most important part. Over the years, we've outgrown that tradition but we've replaced it with some great new ones. 

Over time, inevitably changes come our way.  Whether people enter or leave our lives or a new city or job has forced us to uproot, those traditions and those memories live on.  And that is why I simply love this time of year. 

Today’s look is one of my many go-to holiday outfits this season.  Effortlessly chic, I think a classic fall dress is always great idea for Thanksgiving festivities.  I love that this dress has a cozy sweater top but also a flowy chiffon skirt.  It’s a darling option for most any casual dinner this season. Don’t you think? 

smile sdwalk.jpg

Dress: c/o Marshalls

Buckle Pumps: Nine West

Necklace: Forever 21 (similar) 

cu sm.jpg
smile meds.jpg

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