A Snow Bunny Bachelorette

January 3, 2014

Loon Mountain. Woodstock, New Hampshire.

Happy New Year!


I hope you all have had a relaxing holiday break.  It feels like centuries since I’ve been able to sit down and blog, but I’m finally back!  I wanted take a moment today and deviate from my usual posts to share a bit from my sister’s recent bachelorette weekend.  It was a blast and I figured it would be fun to share.

My sister, Erin, has chosen to have her wedding in New England… in the middle of February.  Risking a potential blizzard on her special day, she has decided upon the peak of ski season over the typical warmer months that most East coast brides go with, and thus, when planning her bachelorette weekend, I wanted to keep in line with that same wintery theme.  Since Erin has already attended quite a few Boston pub crawls I wanted to do something different… and since I also wanted to include a bit of relaxation (for those of her friends who had new babies or were pregnant) with the wild times most bachelorette parties include, I felt like a weekend away at one of the most popular ski resorts in New Hampshire was the perfect fit.

Not knowing much about the area, I relied mostly on the reviews I found online for both dinner/bar/and rental accommodations. Luckily (shockingly??) it all turned out amazing!  A few of us got there early and decorated the place with fresh greens we cut from right outside the cabin (errr, I hope that’s okay!), along with candles, white lights, homemade snowflakes, pinecones, and white ribbon.  It really doesn’t take a lot to make a place look lovely- some great ideas from Pinterest can really go a long way!  The goal was to quickly turn the place from a typical cabin into a page out of Pottery Barn’s winter catalogue… and by the time she got there it (almost) looked like that! Regardless, it definitely looked like a cozy winter wonderland. 

no flash candle.jpg
katie and kel outside.jpg

On the first night, we got settled in by drinking tons of champagne, eating delicious food, playing Cards Against Humanity, dancing and relaxing.  On Saturday, we hit the slopes and took breaks at the slope-side bar.  In order to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the diners/bar-goers, we decided to go out in theme… and what could be more fitting for a bunch of ski-side bachelorettes than: SNOW BUNNIES?? 

er laugh.jpg
First night in girls.jpg
erin tubing.jpg

When I found these bunny hats on KNITWITS, I nearly screamed with excitement.  They were exactly what I was looking for and I knew I had to get them.   I told the girls to go nuts with clothing and find sweaters with snowflakes, reindeers, etc. They all went along with my crazy idea and it was so much fun!

out the door.jpg
erin bunny hat good.jpg

I went in search of the perfect all-white snow bunny look for Erin and found these love and snowflake leggings at PINK, and the sparkly white sweater at OLD NAVY

The rest of the night was an absolute blast and in a smaller mountain town where most of the people seemed to know each other, we stuck out… quite a bit.  It was a great getaway for all of us and I think my sister loved it (I hope!) 

erin full outfit.jpg
erin bunny.jpg

Every winter, the snow bunnies of the wilderness have to find a way to stay warm.  During Erin’s winter wonderland wedding, these snow bunnies will definitely find a way to stay warm, with beautiful dresses, plenty of wine, and lots of laughs.  I’m just glad to have gotten things started on the right foot… and I can’t wait to do it all over again at the wedding.