January 15, 2014

Santa Monica, CA

For the past couple of days (it’s going on five -yikes!), I’ve had little to no voice. Well, actually that’s not true… I have a voice- I just sound like I picked up chain smoking as a hobby and while it’s kind of amusing every once and a while to hear the new strange squawking, rasp that comes out of my mouth when I forget and try to talk… I’m ready for it to be gone. 

That being said, I’ve been a bit MIA over here on the blog because I’ve been on the mend.  I’ve been overdosing on chai tea, honey, chicken noodle soup and ginger ale and I’ve been watching episode after episode of Friday Night Lights.  Have you all seen this show?  Ok, so I’ve already seen it, but it’s been a couple years and I have to be honest, I’m sucked right back in as if it’s my first time watching.  If you haven’t watched it- you may want to kill me later for getting you hooked- but seriously, it’s amazing and it’s on Netflix right now so I suggest you take advantage of the treasure that it is, and start watching ASAP.

While all the vegetation and resting has been great, I am starting to finally feel myself again and I’m ready to get back outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that has been happening here in LA this week.  I had lunch down in Santa Monica today at Blue Plate Taco and it was 80 degrees! I know it is mid January, but I hope this weather is here to stay.

I made myself feel better by putting on this midi-skirt and yellow t-shirt (both from Forever21) and paired it with my new Anthropologie necklace that I got for Christmas.  So while I still may not be feeling 100%, I am certainly on my way

full lenghter.jpg

Necklace: Anthropologie 

Heels: ALDO

Top & Skirt: Forever21

bottom half.jpg
good med.jpg
look off hair.jpg
smile off.jpg

Photos by: Eric Bromberg