Bold Bright & Blue.

September 24, 2013

 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA

Melrose Avenue.

I mean, a street name that basically has a TV show named after it MUST be pretty spectacular, right?  Well…  I am not sure if spectacular is the word, but I have certainly grown to appreciate all of the many hidden treasures that Melrose has to offer.  


Now I have to be totally honest, when I first moved to Los Angeles, I remember being a bit disappointed when I took my first walk down the infamous strip of land.  This can’t be it, I told myself over and over as I clutched my purse and walked past-what felt like a row- of stores with mannequins clad in leather leotards.  Oh, and I’m not kidding you, a man offered me a tiny rabbit (a real-life baby bunny) for a dollar! To this day I’m still not sure:  A. how I turned him down and B. Where he got it, but the real question was: WHAT THE HECK WAS THIS PLACE? It felt like some sort of circus. 

It wasn’t until my sister, Erin, came to visit me several months later, that I actually discovered the true magic that was Melrose Ave.   With an exceptional eye for fashion and an appreciation of art, she helped me realize how much fun it was to have access to such a dynamic block of shops and eateries. Unlike me, she had done her research about LA, relying on facts instead of dreams, and so she knew exactly where to go to seek out the best finds.  Throughout my childhood, if Erin gave something the approval, it was likely that I got on board and thought it was the greatest thing ever too.  Luckily, it’s something I haven’t seemed to grow out of, and so I have her to thank for the many wonderful days and nights I have spent on Melrose Ave.  And oh how lost I’d be without it…

Whether I’m catching an improv show at The Groundlings Theatre, having a girls night at my favorite wine bar, Vinoteque, shopping at the local boutiques, or eating at the Village Idiot (where I watched Obama get re-elected as President), this place, that I was so quick to shun has become an integral part of my life.  In fact, this weekend, I caught an improve show, went to brunch at the lovely French café, Maison Richard, and enjoyed searching for gems at the flea market… all on- you guessed it- Melrose Avenue!

I chose this bright blue, retro romper from Topshop for my weekend brunch and afternoon stroll.  I paired it with some bright yellow earrings from Forever21 to add even more color- why not?  Now that it’s officially fall, it’s tempting to stick to the darks, tans, and greens, but it is still wonderful to wear something colorful every once and a while.  You’ll feel energized and you’ll be amazed how many compliments you’ll get.  Again, this piece is a bit pricy for me, but it’s fun, irresistible, and unique- just like Melrose. 


Earrings: Forever21

Heels: Aldo

cool long birdy USE.jpg

Oh and check out this amazing artwork! It can be found all over the buildings on and around Melrose!

sitting pretty_edited-1.jpg
CU USE!.jpg
look off stare_edited-1.jpg
look down laugh MED GOOD.jpg
look off med shot birdy_edited-2.jpg
smile cu_edited-1.jpg
use Main_edited-1.jpg
confused birdy_edited-4.jpg

Photos by: Jennifer Biswas