Home Sweet Home

July 2, 2013

Outside my apt. Los Angeles, CA


I figured that it would be most fitting to have my first post be at (and in the alley way around) the building I live in.

Ok so, I live in one of those Old Hollywood apartments.  My boyfriend always says, "It's straight out of a Raymond Chandler novel" (He reads a lot).  Ya know the kind of building that hasn't really been renovated since it was built in the 1920's? That's it! I fell in love with this little place back in the fall when I moved in because of all its charm. It has an amazing built in vanity room, arched hallways, and an old refrigerator that now serves as a cupboard.  What's not to love?

Well, aside from the fact that the walls are so paper thin that my neighbors can probably hear the typing of my keyboard at this very moment, we are in the middle of a warm spell and these quaint little places have no air-conditioning... Oops! I kind of forgot about this, borderline necessity, when I was looking a places in the cooler part of the year.

Oh well.  We are making the most of it over here! After all, it's a perfect excuse for late night ice cold beverages and walks without jackets to our local air-conditioned eateries.  And this little fire escape, which also serves as my makeshift balcony, is where we like to hang out and read to get some cool fresh air.  There isn't any room for a grill, but it comes with a pretty amazing view of the neighborhood:)

skirt main shot.jpg

Today, I put together this light and breezy outfit.  It's perfect for a warm summer night stroll or even just hanging out on whatever it is that serves as your balcony.


SKIRT: Forever2 1