Giving Thanks

November 28, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

I have never been much of a chef.  In fact, I have always had an incredible knack for burning even the simplest of meals: easy mac, frozen pizzas, microwavable veggies, anything intended for easy and effortless - I’d somehow find a way to turn to charcoal.   That’s why for Thanksgiving, a holiday focused so heavily on food, I’d always steered clear of the kitchen.   Instead, I’d allow my Mom, aunts, and sister to work their cooking magic while I was usually more helpful in the “admiring department”- letting them know how great everything tasted (pretty important job if you ask me… in fact, I don’t know how they are surviving this year without their number one admirer).


This year, however, I stayed in Los Angeles for the holiday and so I figured in order to honor my family properly, I better try my best to cook at least one dish on my own.  So after a delicious brunch this morning, I put on my Anthropology apron (which always makes me feel more official in the kitchen) and actually pulled off what appears to be quite a delicious pumpkin bread.    Who knew I was capable of such a feat?  Not only has it left my apartment smelling like a treat, but it’s made me feel a little more festive this Turkey Day afternoon. 


Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday isn’t it? We get to take a day off, eat delicious food, and remind each other how grateful we are to be here and have one another in our lives.  It has always been my favorite holiday and though we may not be able to celebrate with some of our family or friends directly, it is just important to take the time to recognize all that they do for us and all that they mean to us.  So this silly little pumpkin bread is for you guys back in New Hampshire, my (f)east coast family who may never get to taste this amazing pumpkin bread but who I love dearly and am forever grateful for each day.


Don’t hesitate to send your friends a little text or shout out of thanks- it’s important to recognize those who make your days brighter.


Happy Thanksgiving!