Meet Kelly.


Born and raised in a cozy little town in southern New Hampshire, I am, and will always be, true to my New England roots. That being said, I came out Los Angeles to attend UCLA, and a couple (let's just say a couple even though it is actually more-YIKES!) years later, I am still here!

I try to get back East to visit my family as often as I can afford but when I'm not there, I am exploring the exciting and ever-growing state of California and so far- I have to admit, I love all that this unique place has to offer.   Let's be honest, who doesn't?

There is no telling where life will take me next, or which coast I will end up in, but here's to finding out.






Here, in my little corner of the internet, I hope to share adventures, finds, and my unique blend of east and west coast fashion along the way!